Security Dept

:Tasks of Security Dept

 Guarding the premises and facilities of the university

Supervising students admission, tuition fees payment for the all the academic terms

• Supervising students union elections, administration bodies, graduation, organizing events and symposiums and parties.

Maintaining order and safety in the university as well as guarding the premises and prevent any damage to the university assets at all times as well locking the facilities and classes after hours after inspecting their contents and ensuring the adherence to the code of conduct and approaching violators and presenting them to the concerned body.

Preventing the distribution of band or unauthorized publications and investigating the people who do so.

• Preventing the distribution/selling alcoholic drinks and any banned material or activity within campus.

Containing marches and riots if there are any inside the campus. • Preventing fights and assaults among students and taking the necessary measures if it happens.

Protecting staff, academics, students, and visitors and providing aid and help to any in need.

Monitoring workers and companies.